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F . A . Q .

Every CSA operates a little differently, but the concept is the same: members pledge support to a local farm and in exchange receive a weekly share during the growing season consisting of fresh, local produce.


Since 2018, we are proud that we have been able to provide weekly shares that meet or exceed the value of member's investments. The last few years have been bountiful and productive! It's worth noting that things can go wrong on the farm, and your share is a reflection of what our farm is experiencing and producing, whether that be bountiful harvests or crop failures.


"Can I choose what is in my weekly share?"

We are unable to specialize each member's share, but we do include lots of staple items that you use everyday. During CSA pick up, you have the freedom to only select the items you want and the quantity you desire.

"What happens if I miss a share?"

We will not save or hold missed shares. We recommend creating a weekly reminder in your phone or on your calendar. Any unclaimed shares at the end of pick up will be donated to our farm neighbors in need. Be on time to pick up your share or send someone to pick up your share for you if you can't make it. We appreciate advance notice if you will not be picking up you share, or if someone else is picking up on your behalf.


"Can we visit your farm?"

Summers are very busy for us and our farm operates on a shared family farm, making events and tours a challenge. We will notify you if an opportunity to visit the farm becomes available. We do share a lot of photos and information on our social media and encourage you to follow us!

"I'm not accustomed to eating seasonally- what should I expect?"

Read the weekly CSA emails! They contain helpful information like recipes and storage tips. You may find that it takes a while to make the transition from eating what is at the grocery store to what is in your CSA share. It's worth noting that in the heart of summer, you may expect cucumbers, sweet corn and zucchini in almost every share.


"Anything else I should know?"

Expect the CSA to start off lighter than it finishes.

Expect more vegetables than fruit.

We use organic practices so don't be surprised if you find signs of bug damage on your produce.

All your produce must be rinsed before consumption.

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