We are feeling the wave of excitement as we work the soil, plant seeds and starts, and watch our plans (and plants) come to life for the 2022 season!


With the addition of a high tunnel to our farm in 2020, we are looking forward to opening our market by mid-May with fresh produce like hearty pounds of asparagus, crispy lettuce, crunchy radishes and all those other super fresh and local products we love like honey, syrup and jam. We also hope to have a selection of vegetable and flower starts available for your home garden.

Farming is unpredictable, so we encourage you to continue to watch our social media and website for updates as we get closer to opening! Until then, happy growing!



Our CSA sign up opens to new members at 10AM on February 15th! We've had a lot of returning members renew their membership earlier this month, so space is limited. Not everyone who wants to join will get in, but our market will be open Saturdays during the growing season to get everything that's in the CSA and more!

To learn more about what it means to be a part of a CSA, check our CSA page on our website and sign up for our email if you are interested in joining!



Iowa Grown Market is closing for the season on Saturday, October 23rd. This will be your last day to shop our physical market. But not all hope is lost....


Our growing season started four weeks early since the addition of our high tunnel. A high tunnel is an unheated greenhouse, meaning it uses the energy of the sun to warm the inside. We hope to continue harvesting from our high tunnel well into November with lettuce, carrots, beets and greens. Watch our social media and emails for information on how you can purchase our produce online this winter!

Reflecting on the season, it came with it's usual challenges and successes. Every year seems to bring new dramatic events that we have to figure out how work around. Luckily for us, our customers have come to understand this is the nature of farming and shopping local produce- nothing is guaranteed and you have to get it while you can!

Thank you as always for your enthusiasm for fresh, local produce and your support! Whether you were a CSA member, market customer, or a distant follower on our social media, your encouragement, compliments and support make the long hours and demanding labor worth every second!




Iowa Grown Market is opening Saturday, May 8th from 10-2PM!


Our growing season started four weeks early since the addition of our high tunnel last fall! A high tunnel is an unheated greenhouse, meaning it uses the energy of the sun to warm the inside. Therefore, we are currently harvesting fresh greens, kale and lettuce, beautiful bunches of white turnips, and will be harvesting kohlrabi, carrots and beets soon!


Yes, the high tunnel IS amazing!


Outside of our high tunnel, we are picking pounds of asparagus and rhubarb, and we have flower and herb starts ready for your home garden! We also have local, raw honey from Solon and local maple syrup tapped right on Sugar Bottom Road! I'll be bringing my healthy, homemade dog biscuits, monster cookies and wild blackberry jam made with real, locally-picked berries.


We recommend checking our Facebook page for the complete list of available products and updated market hours before visiting.


The greatest thing about opening the market is that we get to see our customers' smiling faces again! We are very pleased that the CDC just released new guidelines for vaccinated people. We are also fortunate to be outdoors with ample space to spread out. It is our priority to continue providing our community with fresh, local produce safely. For updated information on shopping our market during the COVID- pandemic, please scroll down for complete details.


We can't wait to share our spring harvests with you and your family and to see you again at Iowa Grown Market!



It is our priority to continue providing our community with a safe environment to obtain fresh, local produce. Therefore, we ask that you continue to follow these guidelines when visiting our market:

ILLNESS: If you are ill, please do not visit the market.

PRODUCT HANDLING: When the market is busy, we will handle the produce for our customers to keep a crowd from forming. When the market is slow, customers are welcome to select their own produce.

MASKS: Masks can now be worn at the customer's own discretion.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. We really appreciate it! Stay informed by checking our social media and website often.

Your farmers & friends,

Bethany & Vince

harvesting kohlrabi in high tunnel