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A great love for Iowa, the outdoors, and fresh, natural foods were the inspirations that lead Vince Waters and Bethany Fischer to create Iowa Grown LLC in 2012. What started as a hobby quickly blossomed into the vibrant small farm they own today.

"Our mission is to grow good produce! We believe in sustainable farming using organic practices, conducting good land stewardship, creating diverse green spaces and preserving a healthy soil."


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For generations on our family farm in Cedar County, conservation efforts have been implemented to re-establish wildlife habitat and to cultivate healthy soil.

This includes the restoration of native prairie grasses and wildflowers, the creation of shallow-water wetlands, and extensive reforestation of native trees and shrubs.


Between these wetlands, fields and forests is where  Iowa Grown produce is grown for local families.

We use small equipment, limited tillage, and sustainable and organic practices that protect our soil and environment.

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Our market takes a community to succeed!


Local artisans, beekeepers, farmers and gardeners all contribute to the bountiful and ever-changing selection at Iowa Grown Market.  

Sign up for our emails to find out what you can expect each week at the market during the season.

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Supporting Iowa Grown Market means your supporting fresher, tastier and more nutritious food options. It means you are directly benefiting the local economy while also building a stronger community.


Diverse gardens, in addition to less packaging and shipping, means less environmental impact from farm to table.

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We proudly cultivate over 100 different fruit, vegetable, flower, herb and fungi types using sustainable and organic practices.

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