Iowa Grown CSA is Sold Out for 2021

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About Iowa Grown CSA:


We started Iowa Grown in 2012 with a focus on growing good food sustainably with respect to our natural surroundings. We grow over 100 different types of vegetables, fruits, fungus, flowers and herbs on our family farm using organic practices (we are not organic certified). In 2018, we began offering a CSA to our neighbors. Now, our CSA has grown to serve over 50 families in the West Branch, Iowa City, and Solon areas. Almost 100% of the produce in our CSA comes from our farm but occasionally we will add items from other local farmers.

What makes our CSA different from other local farms is the size of our weekly shares: we've designed our shares to cater to smaller households and moderate vegetable eaters. That way there is less waste and you can still shop our farm stand or your local farmer's market for more of what you love. We continue to focus on growing more of what our member's enjoy like green beans, mushrooms, fresh potatoes, sweet corn, lettuce and carrots (to name just a few). Check out the complete list of What We Grow.

For more information about Iowa Grown and our mission, please visit the About Us page.

Members share in both the risks and benefits of farming.


At Iowa Grown, we are proud that we have been able to provide weekly shares that meet or exceed the value of member's investments. The last few years have been bountiful and productive! It's worth noting though that things can go wrong on the farm. Your share is a reflection of what our farm is experiencing and producing, whether that be bountiful harvests or crop failures.

For more information about what it means to be part of a CSA, please visit for details.

Things you should know:

  • Expect more vegetables than fruits in your CSA and be prepared to include fresh vegetables into most meals. We recommend knowing a friend, neighbor or coworker who you can share unwanted items with.

  • Shares reflect the season. While early-season shares might be on the lighter side, you can expect mid-season shares to become much more bountiful. For more information about Iowa's growing season, check out this helpful chart:

  • We use organic practices so don't be surprised when you find signs of bug damage on your produce. Produce isn't always perfect so we sometimes include the "uglies" in our shares as well.

  • Be prepared to make new recipes and to use substitutes in your favorite recipes. Freezing or preserving is a great way to extend the life of excess produce.


Can I choose what is in my weekly share? We are unable to specialize each share. We do include lots of staple items that you use everyday but it's good to know someone you can share your unwanted produce with.

What if I forget to pick up my share? We recommend creating a weekly reminder in your phone or on your calendar. Any unclaimed shares at the end of pick up will be donated to our farm neighbors in need. We will not save or hold missed shares.

Can I pick up my share early, or late? We work on the farm from sun up to sun down, so punctuality is very important! We need to be in the fields as much as possible so please be on time to pick up your share ,or send someone to pick up your share if you can't make it.

What if I go on vacation and miss my share? Your shares can be delivered to a neighbor (Tuesdays), picked up by a friend (Thursdays) or donated to the local pantry (both days). Just let us know 24 hours in advance what you'd prefer.

I am on your delivery CSA; what should I do if I'm not home? We recommend leaving a cooler at your front door or in a shady spot; we'll place your share in there. We have many stops on our delivery route, so we will simply knock and leave your share at your door.

Can we come to the farm? We encourage members to see where their food comes from! Please contact us in advance to schedule a time or watch for our farm tours and events on our website and social media.

CSA's aren't for everyone! If you feel our CSA isn't right for you, Iowa Grown Market will be open every Saturday during the growing season, with additional hours added as needed.


Receive the freshest produce available and leave all the hard work to us!

Support responsible, sustainable and local farming and the farmers who make it happen.

Keep YOUR money in OUR community.

Our shares are affordable and perfect for smaller homes.

Weekly shares are diverse and change with the season.

Shares include weekly e-letter with recipes and tips.



"As a first time subscriber of the CSA, I couldn't have been more pleased with your product and service. In 2020 Tuesdays suddenly became my favorite day of the week. Whoever would have guessed!"


"It was even more awesome than I imagined. Such beautiful, fun produce. Loved centering meals around the produce. Loved the surprise of what weekly items would be."

"Incredible produce, amazing value, clean and ready to go- the best I’ve experienced anywhere!"

"I am thrilled with the produce I have received. I'm so glad that I finally jumped on board."

"I loved the quality and amount delivered in the share. Everything looked beautiful, it was tasty, and there was a lot of food."


Iowa Grown CSA runs for 15 weeks beginning in early June and ending in Mid-September with a possible one-week break in between.


TUESDAYS 5:00PM - 7:00PM

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